New Patch for IMRG Daytona Beach Chapter #1949

Here We Go!

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You wanted new updates, you got ’em!

There’s a couple things we hope to accomplish with the site from here on out.

1. Some members don’t have Facebook. We want you to be able to RSVP to events and keep up to date on things coming up and how they went. You will be able to do that on this site from now on.

2. A lot has changed with IMRG National (and will continue to for the foreseeable future) and we want to keep you on top of that as well. This includes features, benefits, announcements and more. Some will be exclusive to local chapter, paying members which brings us to…

3. We’re adding a Members Only page for meeting minutes, private newsletter links and other general conversation related to the Treasury, event planning and the like. If you’d like to have access to that, please ensure you are marked as a “Paying Member” at the next meeting.

In case you missed it, in our May meeting, we voted on a custom patch. It passed and is currently being priced and set for production. It can be seen as our new profile image on Facebook, but in case you’re not on there, here it is:

We’ve had many requests for these and we will have an update on them in time for the next newsletter prior to the July meeting.

More to come soon! Stay tuned.

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  1. Todd Chalus

    At that time my wife and I will be riding our Chief Vintage from Panama City Beach to Tallahassee Florida. Maybe I will catch you all later 😎

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