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Gain exclusive access to Bike Week & Biketoberfest rides, parties and events. Plus, if you’re local, get plugged into the riding community in and around Daytona Beach with us and have a blast!

“We’re about more than making a statement. We’re about choice. We’re about being proud of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. We’re about being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, our bike, or the ride. We’re about making history for the next 100 years.”IMRG, National
As a part of the National Indian Motorcycle Riders Group, you’ll receive:

  • Connector.


    for your owner experiences

  • Connector.


    to share you passion with fellow riders at events and rallies

  • Connector.


    to enhance your riding and travel experience

  • Connector.

    Collectibles & Apparel

    exclusive to IMRG members

Membership Types


Inaugural membership is a complimentary one-year membership given to those who purchase a current year, new Indian Motorcycle. Membership is automatically awarded upon bike registration. After one year, the Inaugural Member will need to renew their membership and become a Hendee member.


Hendee membership is ideal for an Indian Motorcycle owner or an Indian Motorcycle passenger.

This distinction is reserved specifically for Indian Motorcycle Riders.


The Hedstrom Membership is designed for non-Indian Motorcycle owners who want to ride and be a part of the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group community.

All makes & models welcome.


Receive a full year of standard roadside assistance coverage. Available services include emergency transport (up to 50 miles at no cost), pickup and delivery of your motorcycle (charges apply), fluids delivery, and jump starting services.
As an Indian Motorcycle Riders Group member, we want to thank you and show you our support of your choice to ride different. At events where we have a national presence, such as bike events & rallies, stop by for owner exclusive items, like pins, patches, snacks, or special rides just for members.
Indian Motorcycle Riders Group will send members exclusive discounts to Indian Motorcycle merchandise, apparel, and accessories periodically throughout the year.
Available only to Indian Motorcycle Riders Group members, this merchandise lets you wear your Indian Motorcycle pride. Official Indian Motorcycle Riders Group merchandise can only be purchased at your participating chapter dealership and at other select events.
Through Roadside Assistance, Indian Motorcycle owners will have unlimited to access to Nation Safe Drivers 5% cash back hotel program, rental car discounts, trip routing features and other services through our Preferred Members website.
To acknowledge the members who have stayed apart of the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group over the years, a special patch will be given to all members who consecutively have stayed an official Indian Motorcycle Riders Group member.
As an Indian Motorcycle Riders Group member, you are able to join any chapter that you want to belong to. Take advantage of planned rides, events, meetings, and other fun activities to get to know other Indian Motorcycle owners in your area.
Those that sign up will receive a membership patch and pin, exclusive to Indian Motorcycle Riders Group members.

In case you missed it, you don’t even have to own an Indian Motorcycle to join our Rider’s Group – funny difference between a “rider’s group” and an “owner’s group”, isn’t it?

To join the National IMRG, or our Local Chapter #1949 in Daytona Beach, click this button to choose how to get in touch: